Uzin Utz Netherlands

Everything for laying, maintaining and renovating all types of floors

Uzin Utz Netherlands (formerly known as Unipro) supplies everything needed for laying, maintaining and renovating all types of floors with the brands Uzin, Wolff, Pallmann, Arturo and Codex. Nearly 60 years ago Uzin Utz Netherlands started the production of adhesives and rapidly grew to be an international organisation. Innovative production methods, a skilled technical advice and more than 100 enthusiastic employees lay the foundation for perfect floors.

Uzin Utz Netherlands is not cradle to cradle (C2C) certified, but underlines nearly all C2C themes using its ambitions regarding sustainability. Uzin Utz Netherlands often continues with what most people consider to be ‘sustainability’. This sustainable vision enables progress of both companies and people and takes into account the vulnerable ecosystem and the finite sources this planet has to offer. The three worldwide problems we all stand for are being addressed: toxicity of materials, climate change and scarcity of raw materials. We also take into account that everything we do has a positive effect on healthfulness.

Uzin Utz Netherlands is a part of the internationally operating, listed organisation Uzin Utz Gruppe from Germany. This is just like Uzin Utz Netherlands a family business, characterised by “Grundlichkeit” and a warm and personal corporate culture.

A sustainable and healthy working climate is firmly anchored in the company’s DNA. As early as in the early 1980s the step to much healthier resin dispersion adhesives was made. Not long after, Uzin Utz Netherlands was the first in the market to supply strictly solvent-free UZIN adhesives. However, sustainability is still highly valued at Uzin Utz Netherlands. This becomes obvious both in the assortment and packaging and in their company building.

JK fermafloor and smoothing compound/carpeting: UZIN

The one who pays, decides. Your client therefore decides which type of carpet will be used. We think that a guarantee should not propose any limitations. So, our guarantee is for UZIN products combined with all types of carpeting.

All types of carpeting have been tested in combination with UZIN adhesives and smoothing compounds. And if there is a type of carpeting we do not yet know about, we will make sure it will be tested! This gives you the certainty that you will receive the best advice for the carpeting your client has chosen.

JK fermafloor and parquet: Pallmann

With Pallmann we offer both a complete assortment of products for beautification of wooden floors and we provide insight into the pros and cons of the products. This makes your decision simpler and more focused. It is not just important for you to know what the consumption of a product is, but also what the drying time is, and which factors can influence this. With this information you can give your clients better advice and will not be surprised by anything.

JK fermafloor and tiles/natural stone: codex

The brand codex has been successful for more than 30 years developing low emission products for a healthy living and working environment. Quality products are provided, with the environmental label “Ecotec”, which are systems that have been perfectly adjusted to one another. With codex you distinguish yourself with a solid German product on a market where health becomes increasingly important.

Besides our first-class products, you can also call upon the knowledge and knowhow of the experts at Uzin Utz Netherlands and codex.

JK fermafloor and cast floors: Arturo

Arturo products are produced by Uzin Utz Netherlands. They have been a leading producer of cast floors and other synthetic resin floors and supplier of different flooring systems for renovation and new construction to flooring companies throughout the Netherlands for over 40 years.

Arturo floors are sustainable, low maintenance, wear-resistant, seamless, easy to clean and applicable in combination with floorheating. Besides this, Arturo offers an enormous choice in colours. Arturo offers UV-stable cast floors and varnishes which make discolouration a thing of the past. Arturo floors are suitable for renovation because of a small build-up which means buildings can be re-used or redecorated.

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