Villa Hooge Paaschberg Ede

'De Hooge Paaschberg' is a striking example of a mansion from 1915, with styling elements related to the late Dutch Classicism, after the design of architect H.A.J. Baanders from Amsterdam. The character is partially determined by the cohesion of the scenic landscape.


The mansion, a municipal monument, has been restored and reconstructed. The residence, that is situated on top of a hill, has also been fitted with an expansion on either side. In addition, a pool with a pool house have been designed for behind the villa. Beneath the house is a large basement, which is currently being used as a parking garage. The scenic garden has been restored and redecorated. There has been tried to restore the portrait of the property and the garden from 1915 as well as possible.

“We (the family, red.) drove by here a couple of times and always thought it was such a waste that a property this beautiful was empty. After a while we found out that the property was at the curator and after a few meetings we proceeded to purchase.”


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